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Putting up a bioclimatic pergola with a glass curtain project in Arenales del Sol

Arenales del Sol, one of the best places on the Mediterranean coastline to enjoy your terrace.

The beaches of Arenales del Sol are some of the most highly rated on the Mediterranean coastline, they are famous for the quality of the water and also their embryonic shifting, semi-shifting and fixed and even fossil dunes, with four kilometres of fine white sand; they belong to the municipal district of Elche, in Alicante.

The beaches of Arenales del Sol are connected with the nature reserve of the Clot de Galvany, a wetland located between the urban areas of Arenales del Sol and Gran Alacant (in the municipal district of Santa Pola).

Arenales del Sol is 5 km away from the Alicante-Elche International Airport and 16 km away from Elche and it is chosen as a second residence for many citizens from inland Spain and the cities of Elche, Alicante and the surrounding area.

In this idyllic spot on the Mediterranean coastline, in an apartment located in Arenales del Sol, with fantastic views of the Mediterranean sea; Cerramientos Candela installed its bioclimatic pergola with a glass curtain.

Initially, there was a pergola and a partial enclosure, but the terrace wasn’t completely fitted out to be enjoyed. The work of Cerramientos Candela has helped create a unique atmosphere of comfort. The features on the terrace were outdated. Furthermore, some spaces were completely open and exposed to the elements. Once the technical team of Cerramientos Candela had studied this pergola with glass curtains project, it came up with the idea that we will see in this post. With this magnificent bioclimatic pergola with a glass curtain in Arenales it will be an absolute pleasure to be on the terrace gazing at the sea.

First, we realised that it was a large terrace that was exposed to the elements including the wind and the rain, which could damage the furniture that would have to be cleaned constantly. ​

Then, the terrace could only be enjoyed when the weather was nice. In addition to that, the existing features on the terrace were not suitable to enclose it completely. It was clear that putting up a bioclimatic pergola with a glass curtain in Arenales del Sol was the best option that Cerramientos Candela could offer to improve this terrace.

Without a doubt, these photographs show the excellent end result with an extremely functional terrace. A large space to enjoy all year round. A new room for the apartment to take full advantage of. A complete success for the Cerramientos Candela team that contributes to being an inspiring showcase project for other property owners of Arenales del Sol with similar sized terraces.

The change, bioclimatic pergola with a glass curtain in Arenales del Sol

The terrace has been improved significantly. Initially, a pergola with vertical panels had been put up using a sturdy structure, where the sides had not been hermetically sealed, which means that the terrace was exposed to the elements. In this way, on windy or rainy days this area of the home could not be used. Furthermore, the furniture was faded and worn as a result of the wind. What is more, the lack of curtains meant that there was no privacy in the apartment.

However, all the problems have been solved by putting up a bioclimatic pergola with a glass curtain. Firstly, the glass curtains insulate the area. The terrace is enclosed and protected. Furthermore, blinds have been incorporated into the glass curtains to provide protection from the sun and privacy. One of the numerous advantages of the bioclimatic pergola is that its slats can be adjusted, so that they are hermetically sealed. In this way, the terrace can be enjoyed all year round in a nice and comfortable atmosphere, by controlling the amount of light that comes in with the adjustable slats.

Finally, one of the numerous advantages of the glass curtains can be observed. The glass curtain system adapts to our needs. The terrace can be completely open by moving the glass curtains back in just a few centimetres and leave it totally free of structures on the nicest days of the year to have a splendid view of the beaches of Arenales del Sol.

The finishes of the bioclimatic pergola with the glass curtain in Arenales del Sol

The combination of the bioclimatic pergola with the glass curtain is enhanced with their outstanding finishes. They are the perfect mix for terraces that do not have a roof to fasten the glass curtain on to. You can see in the photographs the size of the terrace and the large open space that we obtain.

What us more, we can create cosy atmospheres by adjusting the slats of the pergola using its wireless remote control. The blinds incorporated into the glass curtains are also important because they help create a cosy relaxing atmosphere.

Permanent showroom in Cerramientos Candela

At Cerramientos Candela we have a permanent showroom so that customers can see the quality of our systems for themselves and compare different alternatives, layouts, operations, colours, textures and designs.

The end result of the bioclimatic pergola with a glass curtain in Arenales del Sol

Finally, these photographs show the result in its entirety. The owner of the apartment made the most out of the glass enclosure with the bioclimatic pergola to create this lovely living area with outdoor furniture. In this way, there is plenty of space to use this part of the home any day of the year.

Cerramientos Candela has numerous options available that include the bioclimatic pergolas combined with glass curtains and blinds that favour the creation of these unique and cosy atmospheres.

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