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Flat sloped roof pergolas


The terrace or the garden at home are places where you can get a tan or relax in the shade outdoors. The flat sloped roof pergola made of aluminium is ideal.

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Design and quality in flat sloped roof pergolas

It gives you the possibility to let in exactly the amount of light you want. It can be left partially open thanks to its double leaf system. One is waterproof and the other filters ultraviolet radiation perfectly. Thanks to the aluminium pergolas,  you will fit out the outdoor space of your home to your liking without the weather conditions stopping you.

These aluminium flat sloped roof pergolas  will blend in perfectly with the  decoration on your terrace or in your garden  thanks to the fact that they are available numerous styles Whether you are looking for a wall-mounted or free-standing pergola, at Cerramientos Candela you will find the perfect model for your home.

The sophisticated design of our pergolas will leave you speechless! The aluminium pergola with a pitched roof has sturdy profiles and adjustable supports, as well as being safe and rain-proof , lights  can be hung around the outer perimeter Even at night, your pergola will stand out beautifully in the outdoor areas of your home

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