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An ecological and sustainable home.

Sustainability is an immediate necessity and a current trend that is here to stay, for the good of the environment and the future of the planet. Increasingly more people are trying to include sustainable practices in their homes. Below, we will tell you how you can include these ecological practices in your home on a

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How to make a terrace safer for the children

When there are children at home it is essential that the terrace is as safe as possible. Do you know how to make a terrace safe? A safe terrace is somewhere you can relax knowing that the children are safe at all times, although they should always be under the supervision of an adult. If

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Covid creates new spaces that are here to stay.

This health situation has changed our daily lives in many ways. We are learning to live with it and it is changing the way that spaces are used and how gatherings in many family environments and in many hospitality and restaurant businesses take place.  The restrictions and the health measures have speeded up a process

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Meeting in Saxun with Martín Berasategui

A unique meeting was held last month at the facilities of our supplier Saxun, on the occasion of the recovery of hospitality after the health crisis, which focused on terraces. The guests included some of the most distinguished professionals from the hospitality sector such as Martín Berasategui, a Spanish chef with more than 12 Michelin

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Bioclimatic pergola with Lumon and Pergocán

In this project the complete process of installing a Lumon and Pergocan bioclimatic pergola with glass windows can be seen. Our customer got in touch with us to make an enclosure. He asked to have the terrace glazed and a pergola that combines two styles installed: bioclimatic and pergocan. A project that only a team

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Sandwich roof panel with Lumon glass curtain

In this project we show how a sandwich roof panel with a Lumon glass curtain is installed in a terrace that did not have a top surface to fasten the glass enclosure to. Initially, the terrace could not be used by the property owner because it was too exposed. When he got in touch with

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Pergocán, exclusive pergola

Pergocán, exclusive pergola by Cerramientos Candela At Cerramientos Candela we have designed this new pergola model: PERGOCÁN (an exclusive pergola by Cerramientos Candela). Our design team has obtained an end product that has the same features as the bioclimatic pergola but with a modification in the roof. Don’t give up enjoying the terrace this summer;

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