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How to make a terrace safer for the children

When there are children at home it is essential that the terrace is as safe as possible. Do you know how to make a terrace safe? A safe terrace is somewhere you can relax knowing that the children are safe at all times, although they should always be under the supervision of an adult.

If you have children or you are going to soon, it might be the right time to think about doing some alteration work to the terrace and adapt it for the new member of the household.

Make your terrace safer when there are children in it.

  1. Create a safe area for the children.
  2. Get the outdoor furniture out of the way.
  3. Glazing, the best option to make your terrace safer.
  4. Security lock.
  5. Sturdy and durable.
  6. Easy to clean.

Is your terrace safe?

The terrace is an ideal place to have fun with the children, although certain aspects determine how safe they actually are. The minimum height of a balustrade or a dividing wall must be more than 110 centimetres. Furthermore, regardless of whether the balustrade is composed of railings or it is brickwork, the gaps between them cannot be more than 12 centimetres apart.

Increase the safety of your terrace when there are children in it.

In addition to that, at Cerramientos Candela we recommend you take the following measures to increase the safety of your terrace when there children who play in it.

1. – Create a safe space for the children.

If your terrace is big enough you can create a specific area for the children to play in and have their own limits. Define the space with a different type of flooring such as a rug or a playground structure to make it the ideal place at home for the children to play in and make it feel that it is completely theirs. Putting all the activities of the children in one specific place might be a good solution to stop them investigating in more dangerous areas.

2. – Get the outdoor furniture out

The furniture might help you make your terrace safer. Have a look at it carefully and remove any element that is close to the balustrades that children might get up on and climb where they shouldn’t. A balustrade that is free of items such as flower pots, benches or small storage structures will be safer.

3. – Glazing, the best option to make your terrace safer.

The most effective solution to significantly enhance the safety of your terrace is definitely glazing. The glass curtains mean that you keep the views, the light still comes in and you make the area safer. Here are some of the advantages of glazing for children:

4. – Security lock

The glass curtains, both the retractable and the sliding systems have a safety lock with a key that is added on for extra protection and furthermore, it protects you from intruders coming in from the terrace too. Safety is essential in a home with children, so it is important to have a child-proof security lock.

5. – Sturdy and durable

The glass curtains are made of tempered glass, in different thicknesses and different heights. As they are customised glass curtains they adapt to any type of terrace. They withstand wind of up to 300 Km/h so they are made to withstand the energy of the children at home.

6. – Easy to clean

With the glass curtains in the closed position, you can clean the inner side, but without having to move, that is to say: shut a pane and clean it, when you have finished, slide it and shut the next one. With the Lumon brand, just the minimum effort is required to have your windows impeccable. It is incredibly easy; you don’t have to hang outside or try and keep your balance or take any pane of glass down.

At Cerramientos Candela we sell and we install the Lumon brand, which is a leader in glass enclosures.

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