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PVC windows

Cortizo - aluminio y pvc

The PVC windows from Cerramientos Candela have excellent insulation and safety properties.

Ventanas de PVC

Insulate your home with the best PVC windows

We change you existing windows for PVC windows in just one day!

The PVC windows have better heat insulation and soundproofing properties due to the «non-conductive» nature of plastic This is conveyed in the energy and money saved at home.

We install the best brands of PVC windows for you.

The range of PVC windows and doors fills our homes with comfort thanks to the excellent insulation and high level of security.


Cortizo - aluminio y pvc

Cortizo is positioned as the top manufacturer and distributor of PVC window systems that have outstanding heat insulation and sound proofing properties, minimalist designs that guarantee the maximum amount of light and they provide large-scale and state-of-the-art façade solutions. We work with Cortizo because it has unlimited possibilities available.

The design, the innovation and the quality are the main features in more than 50 window systems that are available, which adapt to any type of project: single family and collective housing, industrial, commercial, offices.

We highlight its adaptability, its thoroughness and its commitment to research.

Adaptability because Cortizo is aware of the fact that each architectural project has its own unique features and identity, it has specific areas incorporated into its Architecture and Engineering Departments that focus exclusively on undertaking ad-hoc projects to find a solution for the creative freedom of the architect.

Your project takes shape in Cerramientos Candela with PVC window fitters that are on par with the product.

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