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Simplicity and practicality are combined to give you the best shade.


The shade sails  are supported by light structures and they enhance comfort and relaxation. They are based on the fusion between technological innovation and contemporary styles. This is all thanks to the evolution of the materials and the boat manufacturing methods.

The shade sails  can be attached to the roof, to the wall or self-supporting structures. In any case, they are custom made and each module can cover a surface area of up to 7×7 metres.

The customisation of the shade sails  is total and they can radically change the image of any outdoor area. For example, thanks to the Kheope Roller model, the slope of the shade sail can be adjusted at all the angles possible to guarantee comfort in any situation.

Furthermore, the Kolibrie models can be adjusted at 360º angles and marine grade fabric is used for  coastal environments  that have high humidity and salinity levels.

The shade sails will take the centre stage in your garden, terrace or swimming pool area because they are so simple and practical. What is more, the automated models come with an anemometer that draws the shade sail back automatically if it detects strong gusts of wind.

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