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Cerramientos Candela is a company that makes homes and businesses more comfortable and functional for our customers in the whole of the Alicante Province and Murcia. Our work begins with the design of your project, our technical team comes up with different options for our customers, to give them an idea of what the final result will be like We satisfy their demands because we supply top quality products, we work with leading well-known national and international brands and we have expert professionals in charge of assembling and setting up our creations, which are on par with the brands with which we work to execute and shape your projects impeccably.

We have a track record of 17 years in the sector with numerous projects completed for our customers, private and professional, which we used as a reference point for new projects.

Our objective is to help customers and provide them with the different options that we have available, which meet their needs. We have numerous catalogues and small samples available, although at Cerramientos Candela we believe in visualising the project before executing it and we have a permanent showroom where customers can actually see the quality of our products for themselves and compare the different alternatives, colours, designs and finishes.

Official installers of the following brands
Ventanas K-LINE
Lumon - Cerramientos de Cristal Sin Perfiles
Saxun - Cerramientos Candela
KE Store
Cortizo - aluminio y pvc
All the enclosure systems are on display in Elche.

As well as working with different types of bioclimatic pergolas, fixed and retractable roofs, windows, doors, blinds, curtains, awnings, etc.; we have numerous door and window frames (aluminium, pvc, polycarbonate…) In particular, you will find the LUMON glass enclosures in our showroom, which is one of the most prestigious, well-known and pioneering brands in European when it comes to vertical profile-free glass enclosure systems.

Our expert sales representatives will be delighted to give you advice on how to find the ideal solution for your needs. Visit our showroom in Elche, there are no strings attached: Visit our Elche showroom

Customised projects

At Cerramientos Candela we have a technical team that will create different designs so that you can choose the proposal you like best. We make the design so that our customers can get an idea of the final result. For this reason, our team will take charge of developing customised projects, creating exclusive designs for each of our clients.

We illustrate with several examples in which we visualize several projects in different homes and outdoor spaces and that help to decide on the improvements that you want to make.

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