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Putting up an awning or a pergola on a terrace: Advantages and inconveniences.

If you are thinking about putting up an awning or a pergola on a terrace, before making the decision it is important that you take different points into consideration. How big is your terrace? Do you want shade or just privacy?

Is it a seasonal solution or do you want to use it all year round? It is important to bear in mind the long-term objective if you want to put up an awning or a pergola They are two different systems to make a home cooler, more private or more protected. If your problem is the sun, it won’t be the same as if it is the wind that is the problem. Advantages and inconveniences.

We tell you about the advantages and the inconveniences of each system.

  • Specific use
  • Diversity of Fabrics
  • Different ways of opening and closing
  • Practical extension
Advantages of putting up an awning on the terrace.

The awning is basically a structure that is installed on the edge of the roof, which can cover up to three metres.

Specific use

One of the main advantages of the awning is that you can use it whenever you want, both as sun protection and to enhance your privacy at home.


The awning is a great ally in coastal areas and it comes in a wide variety of colours and materials to choose from. Although some homeowners’ associations set the standards in this sense, if your terrace is not part of a building you can research into the colours and fabrics. There are different opacity levels, technical fabrics that are easy to clean and very innovative designs, etc.

Different ways of opening and closing

If you like domotics and using technology at home it would be a good idea to research into this type of awning that is interconnected in the heart of your home so that you can programme it as you like. You can also acquire electric or manual systems to move you awning in and out whenever you want, at different speeds.

Practical extension

The awning on the terrace gives you the peace of mind of being able to open it to the desired height at any time. It is not the same at midday when the sun is at its strongest, as at night when you need the cool air, especially in the summer. Being able to put the awning at the desired height might be an advantage to bear in mind.

Inconveniences of putting up an awning on a terrace

  • The homeowners’ association doesn’t allow it.
  • According to which model is chosen installing it might not be simple.
  • The strong gusts of wind, the enemies of the awning.

Not all are advantages when it comes to putting up an awning or a pergola on the terrace. There are also certain inconveniences to putting up an awning that you must think about before making your final decision.

The homeowners’ association doesn’t allow it.

In certain homeowners’ associations and buildings the appearance of the complex is essential so you have to have a look at the existing rules on the matter and make sure that you really can put up an awning on your terrace. Do not confuse the fact that it has already been put up indoors, because when it is extended it juts out over the dimensions of the building and therefore it can now be considered to infringe upon the rules of the homeowners’ association.

According to which model is chosen installing it might not be simple.

Going to buy an awning in a store and putting it up yourself might seem like an exciting activity for the holidays. However, don’t rule out the fact that installing this long-awaited shade might turn into something more complicated. Not all awnings need a pair of eye bolts and two screws. If you chose an electric one you will have to install a switch.

The strong gusts of wind, the enemies of the awning.

If you home is located in an area where there is a lot of wind the awning might be your enemy. The gusts of wind might be a problem for certain awnings, especially if you are on a small budget. Think about options like the Lumon glass curtains, because they create extra space that is protected from the wind. An awning that has to withstand constant gusts of wind might be noisy. Although you get shade it might be annoying as it bangs against the railings continually. Not to mention the fact that according to the way that it has been fastened down a gust of wind might rip it off your terrace against your will if you did not position it properly before it starts to blow.

Build-up of dirt and mould

Dirt builds up on the awning and it is not that easy to clean. Like any other household item it needs maintenance, but according to the type of fabric that you have chosen, as well as the type of awning, you have to think about the best possible way to maintain it. Although you might think that if you leave it pulled out when it is raining it might get cleaned, it is highly likely that the rain will get in to certain grooves and then you would have to change pieces to keep it in good condition.

Advantages of putting up a pergola on a terrace

  • Long-lasting installation
  • Solution for strong winds
  • Decide on the correct place
  • Decorate the space
Advantages of putting up an awning or a pergola on a terrace

If your idea is to put up an awning or a pergola on the terrace because you think you will get more shade like this, you are right. The pergola is a fixed structure that can be adapted to different sizes. However, it is important to bear in mind that it cannot be pulled back when we want the sun to shine down directly.

The enclosures for pergolas might attain your objectives, especially, the bioclimatic pergolas, a type of system that has lots of advantages.

Long-lasting installation

A structure that is fastened properly to the ground or to the walls is a sturdy and durable system. If you have enough room it might be the best option to create extra space on the terrace.

Solution for strong winds

As such, this type of structure withstands the strong gusts of wind the best As these structures are anchored to the ground and they are made of heavy-duty materials, so it is a windproof solution. There are other systems too such as the Lumon glass curtains that withstand gusts of wind of up to 300km/h

Decide on the correct place

Unlike an awning, with a pergola for your terrace you can decide on the exact place to put it up, and also the size of it. Bear in mind the orientation of the sun, because it will affect the amount of shade or protection your get at home.

Decorate the space

A pergola that is made up of a structure of quality materials will give you extra space that you can decorate according to the season of the year. With blinds, lighter coloured fabrics in the summer for shade or with a more waterproof cover for those rainy days. Flower pots or features that blend into your home environment. Install a led lighting system. Install a led lighting system.

Inconveniences of putting up a pergola on a terrace

  • Permanent setup
  • At certain times of the day it cannot be enjoyed.
  • Maintenance and cleaning.

There are inconveniences of having pergola, just like the awning on the terrace, which you must be aware of before opting for this system. utting it up, the way it creates shade or the maintenance, are points to assess if you are going to put up an awning or a pergola on your terrace.

Permanent setup

Seeing as it is a permanent setup you won’t be able to move it. You can’t create extra shade anywhere else or determine where you want the sun to come in like you do with an awning. The movement of the sun will be what marks out the space that has more shade. On occasions, this space does not coincide with the floor plan of the pergola. If you have decided to organise a brunch you might have to have it outside your new pergola.

At certain times of the day it cannot be enjoyed.

The movement of the sun, and also the fact that you won’t be protected from impact of the wind means that you won’t be able to use your pergola at certain times of the day. Something to bear in mind, seeing as it is an important investment. Fortunately in our region the weather conditions are favourable practically right through the year so its use will only be limited for a few hours or days.

Maintenance and cleaning.

The maintenance is the only noteworthy inconvenience about pergolas, because the rain, the sun and even the saltpetre can cause damage. Just like any other household item, you just need to look after the structure properly. The materials used nowadays to make them can be treated and cleaned easily.

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