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Fixed and Retractable roofs

At Cerramientos Candela we have included the most extensive range of fixed and retractable roofs, both manual and motorised, in Elche, Alicante, Murcia and the province.

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Enjoy the outdoor area of your home at any time of the year with the fixed and retractable roofs of Cerramientos Candela

Features of the fixed and retractable roofs

We have fixed and retractable roofs that have different surfaces: glass, polycarbonate, galvanized steel (zinc coated steel), methacrylate, glass, aluminium, fretted synthetic roof tiles. We have all the types of roofs that you could possibly imagine.

Our fixed and retractable roofs are available in a wide range of finishes and colours, to adapt to any architectural design. Furthermore, we have manual or motorized opening retractable roofs of 66% and 75% The fixed and the retractable roofs can be combined with any type of enclosure for the part below: aluminium, PVC, Lumon glass enclosures. They stop the wind coming in and their drainage and filtration system stops water coming in through the surface. GUARANTEED.

Fixed roofs

The fixed roofs are used to provide total insulation, which is necessary when we want to create a new room or area with shade at home. There are also lots of options when it comes to the roof materials: glass, sandwich panels, synthetic roof tile panels, polycarbonates, etc. Photos of examples.

Multiple options are available:

Retractable roofs

Retractable roofs are versatile. They let us choose the atmosphere we want to create. They make it possible to connect the room with the outside, creating a feeling of freedom and well-being without cluttering up the space, the heat and the natural ventilation can be adjusted in this area. These retractable roofs can be made with different materials: glass with sun control features, sandwich panels that provide total opacity or polycarbonates. Whatever your requirements these roofs have the right solution for each of them.

The fixed or retractable polycarbonate roofs of Cerramientos Candela have characteristics such as:
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