Cerramientos Candela

Bioclimatic Pergolas

The Cerramientos Candela bioclimatic pergolas combine design and practicality in just one product made with the best materials on the market.

Enjoy being outdoors at home any time of the year.

Bioclimatic pergolas, a versatile accessory

All our pergolas are perfect accessories for gardens, penthouse apartments, terraces or porches. Our product is intended for homes and businesses. Visit our showroom in Elche to see our pergolas and we will supply you with the product that best meets your needs.

We have numerous varieties of pergolas, from the most classic to the most up-to-date modern designs. The bioclimatic pergola is a new sun protection system that enables you to enjoy life outdoors at any time of the year.

You can increase the living space anywhere in your home without having to do any building work You have the best system available to control the amount of natural light that comes in and it is the best barrier against solar radiation, the rain or wind.

At Cerramientos Candela we customise the designs of the bioclimatic pergolas to satisfy the demands of our customers. Furthermore, we have a wide range of finishes, colours and design options available.

This new system provides a high level of customisation, and it can be adapted to any type of aesthetic and functional requirement that is specified. An essential product for the whole year.

Characteristics of the bioclimatic pergola.

With this new sun protection system you will enjoy life outdoors at any time of the year; the bioclimatic pergola increases your living space without having to do any building work It naturally regulates the room temperature and it also protects you from solar radiation, the rain, wind, and other weather conditions.

Combinations of pergolas

The bioclimatic pergolas can be enhanced with any of our products. For example, we can make bioclimatic pergolas with Lumon glass enclosures.We can blend the bioclimatic pergolas in with the PVC sliding windows. We can even combine bioclimatic pergolas with awnings.


The rubber sealant between the slats ensures that the sound of the rain or the wind or even the noise of the slats rubbing together is blocked out.


The slats can be adjusted from 0º to 135º, so that the roof is windproof, ventilated and waterproof when it is adjusted to 5º, which makes it a perimeter sealing system against the rain coming down sideways.

Water drainage

Harvesting rainwater to be used.


Numerous accessories can be incorporated into our products such as speakers through a Bluetooth® system, led lighting or radiators for heating

Motor drive

The bioclimatic pergolas have a rain sensor that will protect the furniture when you are not at home. You can adjust the position of the slats; turn on the heating or the lights by remote control. Even by using a smartphone.

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