Cerramientos Candela

Sliding Glass Curtains

Enjoy the porch or terrace of your home or your business without having to give up any space inside or outside with our exclusive sliding glass curtains.

cerramientos terrazas alicante
A different way to create spaces full of life

The sliding glass curtains that add light and space

It is a vertical sliding profile-free aluminium enclosure system, which is designed to cover light openings in wooden or aluminium structures, without taking up any space inside or outside

This is due to the fact that the panes are arranged horizontally and in parallel, without an opening angle, that is to say, they slide on the profiles or guide with 3, 4 or 5 rails, depending on the section that is going to be glazed.

It is an ideal system for your terrace, porch, balcony, penthouse apartment, restaurant, hotel or business.

Sliding glass windows

Ideal for the glazing of aluminium loadbearing structures such as fixed roofs, retractable roofs and bioclimatic pergolas

It blends in perfectly with wooden porches and as a room divider indoors it is quite practical.

The main difference between the Sliding Glass Curtains and other vertical profile-free retractable enclosure systems is in how the panes of tempered glass are arranged or stored.

Unlike the hinged glass curtain systems, in the sliding systems the panes of glass are all arranged in parallel on the last pane of the section that is incorporated into the window.

When the first pane is opened, the rest of the panes slide simultaneously on the carriers that are incorporated into the system.

High level of rain protection

More light

More light Energy saving

Decreased wind impact


Better panoramic view

Opening in parallel

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