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An ecological and sustainable home.

Sustainability is an immediate necessity and a current trend that is here to stay, for the good of the environment and the future of the planet. Increasingly more people are trying to include sustainable practices in their homes. Below, we will tell you how you can include these ecological practices in your home on a daily basis.

How to make a home more sustainable and ecological?

A sustainable home is somewhere that is in harmony with the surroundings. It is a place built with ecological or recycled materials, where issues like recycling, insulation, flexibility or renewable energy, along with the daily habits of the family, have been taken into account. 

An ecological house from beginning to end.

Ecological buildings and bioclimatic architecture are two of the most up-to-date trends in the construction sector. Not in vain, we are all becoming aware of the need to live in harmony with the environment.

A green building takes into account the materials used to build it, along with its carbon offset and its durability, but also the possibility of recycling them in the future to build something new.

The bioclimatic architecture is also intended to optimize the water, heating or air conditioning systems, by highlighting the need to use them correctly. Structures prepared to make the most out of natural assets.

The thickness of walls, and the insulation in them might significantly cut down on the amount of energy consumed at home. Preparing the buildings to benefit from the existing climate is a point in favour of bioclimatic architecture.

Enclosures for a more sustainable home.

Glazed terrace to turn your home into a sustainable space.

Although architecture has been developing solutions to improve the relationship between buildings and nature for quite some time, not all buildings follow these standards. Even so your home can become a more ecological and sustainable place just by taking into consideration certain points.

Using the terrace might be a significant step forward to making your home sustainable. Choosing glass curtains to create a place that you can enjoy all year round will not only affect the quality of family life, there will also be advantages in the ecological area too.

Glass curtains protect your home from the impact of the wind, the dampness, and the rain; they insulate your home from the temperatures outdoors and they enable you to make the most of natural light (as well as keeping the noise from the street out).

Glazing you terrace will turn your home into a more sustainable place. And no building work is required!

Pergola and Blinds – A more sustainable home Pergola and Blinds – Essential for a more sustainable home.

Make your home more ecological and sustainable.

Everything counts. Below we will tell you about a few small changes that will make your life more sustainable:

1. Reduce and recycle

Apart from separating waste correctly to make recycling easier, furniture also has to be reused. Giving a new life to your furniture through upcycling will revamp your home with less investment. Decide where you can store everything that could be used later on in your home. In the sustainable world anything can be useful in later life. An old Tupperware box that might be used as a flower pot or a glass jar that can be used as a vase. Almost everything that you have at home can have a second life from the ecological point of view.

2. Reduce the amount of plastic consumed

Time has shown that plastic is one of the greatest enemies of the environment, which is why it is essential to cut down on the amount of it that is used. You can use glass jars and buy certain food in bulk in specialised stores, to therefore eliminate the continual amount of plastic that comes into your home. Products made with bamboo, one of the most sustainable and durable materials are available on the market. Bear in mind that even then the plastic that you already have at home can be reused in different ways. We tend to throw out everything we can to gain space and optimize, but sometimes it is better to reuse than throw away this type of product. From takeaway food packaging that can be used to keep screws or seeds in, or be used as a lunch box. Don’t throw anything away insofar as it is possible and recycle.

3. Save energy

Energy is one of the most valuable resources in any home and even more so now with the high energy prices at the moment. Optimizing the use of electricity and water can be the first step towards having a more sustainable home. To save on the water bill you can put air filters on the taps, which will affect the amount of water that comes out whenever you turn the tap on, but not the water pressure. The air bubbles that mix with the water will favour the amount of water saved and, therefore, sustainability. You can set up a simple drip irrigation system in your orchard or garden, to cut down on costs. When it comes to electricity you can change all the light bulbs at home for energy efficient lighting, which has the light intensity that you need.

We hope that our advice makes your home and your daily life more sustainable.

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