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Lumon - Cerramientos de Cristal Sin Perfiles

At Cerramientos Candela we have one product available that is unique because of its characteristics and features We are an official installer of Lumon retractable glass curtains.

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Lumon retractable glass curtains, the best on the market.

Glass curtains, sliding profile-free glass curtain enclosures, retractable glass walls, etc.

There are many names for this type of enclosure but if there is one that is the benchmark it is «Lumon«.

Lumon is an ideal glazing system to enclose your terrace or porch and it is also perfect to divide up rooms, it can be used in the hospitality and commercial sectors as well. You can enjoy your terrace at any time of the year without it affecting the structure and the composition of the façade.

You can choose whether to have your terrace open or closed at any time and it has minimum visual impact.

In this way you can protect your furniture and your belongings while you save more than 5% on the energy consumed at home.

Advantages of the retractable glass curtains

After several years of research and development, the Finnish brand Lumon has come up with the best retractable glass curtains. The customers of Cerramientos Candela are delighted with the results of the Lumon glass curtains. The durability, resistance, hermeticity and, above all, versatility are just a few of the characteristics Furthermore, all the Lumon products come with a 5 year warranty.

The glass curtains slide and retract taking up very little space, leaving a large area free to use. The system makes the most of the space available outdoors So, the Cerramientos Candela retractable glass curtains are the best solution to revamp terraces, porches, gardens or businesses.

Original and customised designs for your terrace

The design of the glass curtains is intended to ensure maximum durability and minimum maintenance. To obtain extraordinary finishes, the technical team of Cerramientos Candela comes up with its own customised designs that adapt to each of the needs of our customers. Consequently, the glass curtains that are installed by Cerramientos Candela will always be a guarantee of design and quality.

With Lumon glazing you will increase safety and security.

The Lumon glass curtains are extremely safe. They are highly resistant to impact because they are made with tempered glass and they have strong aluminium profiles. The tempered glass is flexible and its allowable deflection is 3 mm / m, so it is much stronger than normal glass. Moreover, the system comes with the option of adding locks and security latches on to the Lumon glass curtains so that they cannot be opened from the outside, to provide more security in the enclosed area.

As the glass curtains are safe and secure they can be installed anywhere at home; terraces, porches or gardens are ideal places that can be used and enjoyed right through the year by installing the vertical profile-free glass enclosures.

Easy to install and clean

The Lumon glass curtains are very easy to install No building work is required, so no inconvenience is caused and they should always be installed by specialised experts from Cerramientos Candela to guarantee that they are installed properly in no time at all. They are easy to use and they can be opened up completely to clean the glass on both sides without any problems.


According to the results obtained from the acoustic tests carried out by Finnish technicians, it can be said that the Lumon glass curtains significantly reduce the noise coming from outside. Enjoy silence with the Lumon glazing for terraces.


The Lumon glass curtains have rubber sealants between the joints of the panes of glass, which make them totally waterproof and they provide thermal insulation The energy saved with this system is therefore considerable.

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