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Meeting in Saxun with Martín Berasategui

A unique meeting was held last month at the facilities of our supplier Saxun, on the occasion of the recovery of hospitality after the health crisis, which focused on terraces.

The guests included some of the most distinguished professionals from the hospitality sector such as Martín Berasategui, a Spanish chef with more than 12 Michelin stars, who is considered to one of the great contemporary masters of cuisine and Roberto Brasero, a journalist and the weather presenter in Antena 3. Both have been chosen to be ambassadors for the Saxun brand.

At the meeting, called Saxun & Berasategui Talks: Restoring hospitality from the terraces, renowned speakers of the stature of the architect Marina Giménez; Rafael Blanquer, the General Manager of Port Hotels and José Candela, the Director of Cerramientos Candela, took part.

The meeting lasted an hour and during this time the speakers and those present discussed the future prospects of the sector at a time when Covid-19 had left thousands of restaurant owners all over the country in a very difficult situation.

Thanks to a number of interesting discussions, very useful conclusions were drawn about how to deal with the crisis situations and what solutions could be found from an architectural point of view to rebuild a vital sector for our economy and our lifestyle.

Naturally, some of the Saxun products were the protagonists given their relevance in terms of protecting terraces, with the Bioclimatic Pergola being the star when it comes to reinforcing a unanimous argument: it is time to use the outdoor space 365 days a year.

An experience that definitely helped those present be optimistic about a future that is more uncertain than ever before.Source: Saxun.

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