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Covid creates new spaces that are here to stay.

This health situation has changed our daily lives in many ways. We are learning to live with it and it is changing the way that spaces are used and how gatherings in many family environments and in many hospitality and restaurant businesses take place. 

The restrictions and the health measures have speeded up a process of changing the lifestyle of people, turning terraces into the preferred places to hold meetings and gather together. And it seems that this transformation is here to stay.

A profile of a person who is careful, concerned for their health and the safety measures has emerged, which has resulted in the demand for these spaces, making them almost essential in any business that wants to make progress. And also in any home, to be able to continue to have family gatherings with complete peace of mind.

This has all lead to an increase in the demand for alteration work on terraces and outdoor areas of homes and businesses that have large, medium size or small living spaces. And as a company that specialises in enclosures for outdoors, we are observing this trend first-hand.

Covid-free space outdoors

Spanish cities and towns are full of culture, traditions, local festivities, good food, etc. One of the features that distinguish the Spanish is our open-minded, extroverted character, our love for social gatherings and life outdoors. Furthermore, the climate in our area is extraordinary all year round. This is undoubtedly a factor that prompts the hospitality and restaurant sectors to fit out their outdoor areas to make the very most out of their businesses.

That is why, our company, with the design and the development of outdoor projects and installing each of our products, such as bioclimatic pergolas, fixed or retractable roofs, glass curtains, awnings…, on a business or private level, contributes to and promotes recreational and leisure areas.

At Cerramientos Candela we strive to be able to continue to enjoy safe and comfortable environments, by coming up with customised solutions for each of our customers’ needs.

Discover our latest projects in cerramientoscandela.com and in our social media sites www.instagram.com/cerramientoscandela/ and www.facebook.com/cerramientoscandela.

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