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Pergocán, exclusive pergola

Pergocán, exclusive pergola by Cerramientos Candela

At Cerramientos Candela we have designed this new pergola model: PERGOCÁN (an exclusive pergola by Cerramientos Candela). Our design team has obtained an end product that has the same features as the bioclimatic pergola but with a modification in the roof. Don’t give up enjoying the terrace this summer; with the pergocán you have a reasonable product with a unique design.

Pergocán, design and quality

This new product that Cerramientos Candela has launched on the market is the result of the skill and the hard work of our personnel. We know that customers are very different and ask for distinct products. We also know that the needs and the resources of each one are different too. That is why; we have designed this new pergola model that enhances our range of products even more.

The pergocan is a pergola that still has the basic features of the bioclimatic pergolas. Furthermore, we have kept those simple modern lines of the structure. But, our designers have modified part of the roof and some of its materials. The result is a pergola with quality finishes, a modern design and durable materials.

 Characteristics of the Pergocan, an exclusive pergola

As already stated, the Pergocán by Cerramientos Candela still has the characteristics of the bioclimatic pergolas:

Glass curtains

Lumon glass curtains can be installed on the sides of the pergocán. Gain space by creating a new cosier room at home, which is perfect to enjoy all year round. With the pergocán you cover the roof and with the glass curtains on the sides you can have them open or closed. Furthermore, both the pergolas and the glass curtains insulate and they are extremely strong, so you will be protected from the wind or the rain. There are more details about pergolas with glass curtains here.

Water drainage

The pergocán has a drainage system to collect the rainwater. It is annoying to have water pour down the sides and end up wetting the furniture. That is why; the Cerramientos Candela team has incorporated a complex water drainage system into the pergocan structure. It harvests the water so that it can be used to water the garden instead of dripping everywhere.


It is a basic feature on this type of system. The pergocán is totally hermetic and waterproof. The new materials that the roof is made of are top quality and make it completely waterproof. At Cerramientos Candela we know that what is important is that a system does not leak, that water does not filter through the joins. That is why; we have designed the pergocán in such a way that this type of problem is avoided. You can enjoy your terrace on those rainy days without having to worry about leaks or water coming in.


Not only do we install pergolas on the terraces or in the gardens. On occasions we also try and make the most of the space and create a new room. At Cerramientos Candela we supply our pergolas with the Lumon glass curtains for this reason. It is a perfect combination which is why many of our customers choose it. The result is outstanding. We have a cosy atmosphere all year round and it can be adapted according to our preferences.


All our products are durable and they come with a warranty. The pergocán is not an exception to this. It is a sturdy and durable structure that withstands the elements such as the rain, the wind or the dampness. Our technical team knows the weather in the region very well and it has designed this new pergola to withstand the high level of humidity that coastal towns have. Furthermore, its robust structure can withstand strong gusts of wind, and as aforementioned, it is totally hermetic.


This is something that shouldn’t be forgotten. Indeed, at Cerramientos Candela we know how difficult it is to make both ends meet. That is why we have launched this new pergola design. The pergocán is a product that has a number of tremendous features and extensive uses. Firstly, all the areas of the home can be used right through the year for a reasonable price. Furthermore, the materials are sturdy and strong, so quality has not been compromised. Secondly, having different products means that our company can adapt better to our customers. We want to supply the best economical products so that you can enjoy your home without affecting your budget.

Cerramientos Candela has a permanent showroom at its facilities in Elche where customers can see our products for themselves.

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