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Bioclimatic pergola with Lumon and Pergocán

In this project the complete process of installing a Lumon and Pergocan bioclimatic pergola with glass windows can be seen.

Our customer got in touch with us to make an enclosure. He asked to have the terrace glazed and a pergola that combines two styles installed: bioclimatic and pergocan. A project that only a team like that of Cerramientos Candela can do.

After getting in touch with Cerramientos Candela and explaining what he wanted, the Cerramientos Candela team got to work to make the system as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Our team took the exact measurements and came up with the design that conveyed the results of the system.

Having come up with the plan, the Cerramientos Candela team started the installation work.

The first step was to install the Lumon glass curtains. They produce an outstanding finish thanks to the design and the materials that are used to make them. These materials guarantee the optimum durability to withstand adverse weather conditions such as the wind or the rain. Furthermore, these Lumon glass curtains are retractable to make the very most of the space at home.

Once the Lumon glass curtains were up, the installation work on the bioclimatic and pergocan pergola began.

Setting up the pergocan and bioclimatic pergola structure.

The Cerramientos Candela team started to put up the pergocan and bioclimatic pergola structure. This structure is made with the best materials that are currently available on the market, which makes the structure extremely strong to withstand the wind and the rain.

After putting up the structure, the team started work on installing the two types of pergolas.

One type of pergola that forms the structure is Pergocan. This type of pergola is made by Cerramientos Candela. It has the same features as the bioclimatic pergola; the only difference is the fixed roof. The pergocan pergola has great thermal insulation properties for those hot summer days.

Furthermore, part of the structure is a bioclimatic pergola, its main feature are its slats that can be adjusted to control the amount of light that comes in.

After putting up the whole structure all the materials are checked to make sure they have been installed correctly and that there are no flaws. Then the team leaves the barbecue in perfect condition to be used by the customer as soon as possible.

The visual effect is superb. The structure has two types of pergolas: Bioclimatic and Pergocan. The customer can enjoy the terrace right through the year thanks to the combination of these two pergolas.

The Lumon glass curtains have the smallest joints between the glass panes on the market. No space is lost, they are an excellent solution to make the very most of terraces and gardens.

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