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Glass Curtains in Orihuela Costa

Improve your home in Orihuela Costa by installing glass curtains

Why install glass curtains in Orihuela Costa?

Do you know the Orihuela Costa area? This is a group of towns belonging to the Alicante city of Orihuela., where time seems to stand still to enjoy the sea in an incomparable setting. If you own a home in any of these districts, we are convinced that at some point you have considered installing glass curtains. Otherwise, you should think about it.

Because, let’s not kid ourselves, to be able to live in Orihuela Costa is already a privilege in itself, but if we take into account the possibility of contemplating the sea every day from your own home, how can we miss it?

Glass curtains are one of the most suitable enclosures for any building., but even more so in idyllic surroundings such as this one. Let’s see why it is so idyllic and how it can be improved with such structures.

High level of rain protection

More light

More light Energy saving

Decreased wind impact


Better panoramic view

Opening in parallel

Is Orihuela Costa your ideal place to live?

This is a trick question, but it has an easy answer: if you are looking for tranquillity, good weather all year round, proximity to the beach and access to marinas, then you are in the right place., You should not waste any more time looking for a place of residence. If you are looking for exactly these characteristics, when you arrive in Orihuela Costa you will think that they have built any of these locations with you in mind.

However, if the area is important, housing is even more important. You shouldn’t worry too much about that though – it’s about a group of localities where high quality buildings facing the sea are the norm, it is understandable that you might consider it.

On the other hand, you are bound to have doubts about basic services, but in this respect it is still a dream place to live. In the area You will find without the slightest problem health services, schools, churches and a great variety of shops and supermarketsas well as a large shopping centre in La Zeniaone of the municipalities that make up Orihuela Costa.

In short, it is a peaceful location in which to enjoy the sun, as it is located in one of the areas of Spain with the most days of sunshine per year.. A place for families, with kilometres of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters to enjoy the summer or, even better, all seasons.

Why install glass curtains in Orihuela Costa?

At Cerramientos Candela we have been working with glass curtains for years, and we have seen that it is the most demanded structure in coastal towns and, more specifically, in the area along the southern Costa Blanca, where Orihuela Costa is located.. The reasons for this trend that is here to stay?

  • Energy savings in heating and lighting, due to the thermal insulation offered by the glass curtains and the ample space they leave for light to enter; positive for your pocket and for the planet.
  • A perfect climatic environment inside the house, both in winter and summer, thanks to this thermal insulation..
  • The tranquillity that you breathe in Orihuela Costa is multiplied thanks to the glass curtains, as they also provide acoustic insulation, allowing you to escape the sound of the outside.
  • Are you concerned about the security of your home? Believe it or not, glass curtains are one of the safest enclosure structures you will find on the market.
  • Moreover, it is as safe on the inside as it is on the outside, as the glass used in the manufacture of glass curtains is highly resistant to knocks and scratches – highly recommended if you have children or a golf course nearby.
  • How can we not mention the views? If you like to contemplate the sea from your Orihuela Costa home, imagine doing so without any obstacles standing between the beach and your eyes. Well, That is one of the main objectives of glass curtains, to eliminate profiles to maximise visibility..
  • If you have a penchant for decoration, you will surely have plenty of reasons to install glass curtains in Orihuela Costa.. Or can you think of a more elegant and minimalist enclosure that enhances both the interior and exterior aesthetics of your home?

Of course, with so much visibility, you may be worried about being seen from the outside. However, this is not something that is going to happen with glass curtains, since you can choose them with satin-finished glass to preserve your privacy.

Count on Cerramientos Candela to install glass curtains in Orihuela Costa

As we say, in Cerramientos Candela we have great experience with the installation of glass curtains in Orihuela Costa., this allows us to understand what the customer’s main needs are in this area and how to meet them. Because when it comes to this structure there are a multitude of options, so before installing, we advise you.

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