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Bioclimatic Pergolas in Orihuela Costa

Orihuela Costa and bioclimatic pergolas, the perfect marriage

Why install a bioclimatic pergola in Orihuela Costa?

The towns that make up the Orihuela Costa area, such as Campoamor, La Zenia, Mil Palmeras or Cabo Roig, among others, are a paradisiacal enclave located in the south of the Costa Brava. This corner of the province of Alicante is characterised by its marvellous temperatures all year round., The installation of bioclimatic pergolas has skyrocketed in recent years.

If you don’t know Orihuela Costa and you decide to visit it, it is very likely that you will fall under its spell and end up living in any of its towns.; If you already live there, you are well aware of the wonders the area has to offer. In any case, installing a bioclimatic pergola in your home will allow you to improve it completely. Let´s see why

Benefits of bioclimatic pergolas multiply in Orihuela Costa

Bioclimatic pergolas offer a great increase in the benefits that already exist in traditional pergolas. It is a structure that allows the temperature and lighting to be regulated by means of an adjustable slatted roof, which makes it perfect for an area such as Orihuela Costa. Let’s take a look at the main advantages:

  • The installation of heating systems, Bluetooth® loudspeakers or LED lighting, which can be controlled from mobile applications – just like the motorised slat orientation system – is one of the possibilities that most attracts the user of bioclimatic pergolas.
  • The versatility of bioclimatic pergolas, easily combined with other elements such as glass curtains, means that they can become a space that is totally adapted to your needs.
  • In areas like Orihuela Costa, where the sea is the protagonist, being able to protect your terrace with a bioclimatic pergola will offer you unbeatable views all year round..
  • As we say, you can control the lighting and temperature by adjusting the orientation of the roof louvres.,allowing you to enjoy your outdoor stays all year round..
  • The mechanism that allows the slats – which can also be completely closed on rainy days – to be adjusted is totally silent.
  • This structure will allow you to expanding your home, this has an impact on your own comfort and on its market value if you decide to sell it at some point.
  • A water channelling, which allows this resource to be collected on rainy days, is one of the most particular characteristics of bioclimatic pergolas.

The installation of bioclimatic pergolas involves an aesthetic value for the space where they are located, they can also be adapted to the decoration of the environment thanks to their varied catalogue.

Cerramientos Candela installs your bioclimatic pergola in Orihuela Costa

If you are considering installing a bioclimatic pergola in your home located in any of the towns of Orihuela Costa, please contact us., look no further. Cerramientos Candela offers you the advice you need, as well as top quality products and a scrupulous installation of the structure. Cerramientos Candela offers you the advice you need, as well as top quality products and a scrupulous installation of the structure.

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