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Sandwich roof panel with Lumon glass curtain

In this project we show how a sandwich roof panel with a Lumon glass curtain is installed in a terrace that did not have a top surface to fasten the glass enclosure to.

Initially, the terrace could not be used by the property owner because it was too exposed. When he got in touch with Cerramientos Candela our technical team took the measurements and started to design the Lumon glass curtain. It was a project in which a top surface had to be put up to fasten the Cerramientos Candela glass curtain on to. However, at Cerramientos Candela we have enough technical skills to be able to adapt to different circumferences, shapes or edges. If your terrace doesn’t have anywhere to fasten the glass curtain on to, Cerramientos Candela will come up with the best solution for the problem. We can overcome any type of difficulty to install Lumon glass curtains.

To install the enclosure, the customer and the Cerramientos Candela team agreed to put up a sandwich roof panel. It is a strong durable roof, with high-end features and it is very cheap. The finishes are excellent; the lines are modern and innovative on the terrace enclosure. With this type of roof, Cerramientos Candela creates outstanding systems, which is why our customers are delighted with our work.

Finally, these photographs highlight the improvement made to the terrace. A great area to be enjoyed right through the year. A new room of the home to make the most of. A complete success by the Cerramientos Candela team.

 Sandwich roof panel with a Lumon glass curtain, the solution.

So, once the glass curtains were ready, our professionals then installed them. Previously, the Cerramientos Candela team had put up this fantastic roof. Cheap and with excellent insulating properties, the glass curtains can be fastened to the roof. This type of roof is ideal for this kind of system because it withstands the wind and the rain. These two photographs show the resulting glass enclosure. This is how the terrace has been fitted out to be enjoyed all year round, regardless of whether it is raining, cold or windy. Furthermore, the visual effect is outstanding; the Lumon glass curtains from Cerramientos Candela are an excellent solution to make the most of terraces.

Sandwich Roof Panel with Lumon glass enclosure

Sandwich roof panel with Lumon glass curtain, the best finish.

With the Lumon glass curtains from Cerramientos Candela the improvement and the excellent finishes are obvious. No space is lost with the glass curtains: the profiles are completely retracted into a small space. Adapt the glass closure to your needs and enjoy positivity with the glass curtains. Make the terrace another room of the home.

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